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i'm going to forever think about that mario/luigi picture and question it's existence  


think about this one too


Every fandom’s got that trash character that everyone makes fun of but secretly everyone’s in love with him


Alrighty then! Let’s cut to the chase, I’m in a desperate need of some cash. I’m currently job hunting so in the meantime, until I can manage to land a job, I’m going to start taking sketch commissions! Paypal only (Sorry!)

Samples are as you see above. I always add color to my sketches but if you want it plain or want a specific color for your request then feel free to add those details in your email.

Here’s where you send your request:

  • No NSFW requests
  • Please provide reference pictures of the character(s) you want me to draw


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Thank you!

congradulations-someone said:
I don't understand why the Lyoko Warriors blamed you for being under X.a.n.a's control. I mean for Christ sake, Aeilita was under his control and wasn't blamed!  


Not like I hadn’t noticed. Aelita is treated so fragile you’d think she’d come with a warning label. But apparently, when weak baby pinkhead gets hit, even when she KNEW what that thing was capable of, it’s not her fault! But when the new guy, unwarned, under-informed, and untrained gets hit, it’s like Einstein’s brain shuts down and reboots so that his entire frontal lobe pins me down with conspiracy theories.

You know what the biggest problem is here though?


kazumi-ishiyama-lyoko said:
"Hello there.. Sorry, I'm new here. Any idea where Kadic Academy is?"  


"Sure," he answers, looking up from his book. He’s a bit frustrated at being interrupted, but the sentence he’d been scanning was easy to find again.

He stands up, “You’re here already, are you looking for the Administrative Building? Or the dorms?” His question on that last one is hesitant; he knows he cant go to the girls dorms, but if she’s lost…


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EDIT: Since multiple people have asked, yes, all the pendants are already available to buy here. :)


Animation tests with Jeremie.

The sketch and the finale product.

atatakami said:


i haven’t even watched monsters university yet and this scene is probably one of my favorites


Smokin’ by DiachanX
Doodled this on a boring History lesson Dx man, I’m gonna regret doing this


Smokin’ by DiachanX

Doodled this on a boring History lesson Dx
man, I’m gonna regret doing this


Any cartoon character such as: Code Lyoko of ATLA


Any cartoon character such as: Code Lyoko of ATLA


Put the name of one of XANA’s monsters in my ask and I’ll rate it 1-10.