adamsifo this is blasphemy

adamsifo this is blasphemy

Anonymous said:
What do you think about Willgurt?  



*points to trashcan* this is where lame code lyoko nerds can gO




you cant just„,love william dunbar without acknowledging that he’s a privileged fucking brat;;;

or that he’s a sexist stalker shitlord who is actually kinda scary and could honestly be a #rapist because he doesnt seem to take no as an answer and needs to get over himself and stop feeling so entitled

Send me a ship and I’ll rate it.


A: I love it
B: It’s really cute
C: Not a bad ship
D: I’m neutral on it
E: I don’t really like it
N/A: I don’t know the ship well enough


one thing i love about yumi and hiroki’s relationship is the fact i can relate to it since i have an annoying lil bro of my own

sometimes i wonder if hiroki would be like my brother and go from little shrimp to JUMBO SHRIMP


My commission post has been updated!

As I mentioned previously in the past, I’m in a need of some extra cash. Job hunting has not been successful so far and I really need help in paying off school debts and buying food. So I’ve decided to start doing commissions! Paypal only (Sorry!)

Samples are as you see above. Coloring is optional so state in your email whether you want color or to have it plain.

Here’s where you send your request:

  • No NSFW requests
  • +$5 for every additional character in a single commission
  • +$10 for color (coloring is time consuming sorry.)
  • Please provide reference pictures of the character(s) you want me to draw
  • I don’t start a commission until I receive the money

Also please share and reblog this post!

Thank you!


when a friend insults a character you like and you’re just like


pumpkinspicethyme said:
Steal her look: Asami Sato  

can’t steal what i already have B)


gakuran william for your soul


gakuran william for your soul


So me and Jelena were discussing about what kind of gem William would be if he was a Crystal Gem and we decided he would be “Black Onyx”.

Black Onyx is artificially made so his natural gem is actually Sardonyx. Sardonyx is the August birthstone. August is the month when season 2 began in France….


*looks at fictional character* nobody loves u more than me